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People go shopping looking for more than just the joy of a purchase. They seek an experience, a fulfillment, an indulgence. The Boulevard @ Marvel Ganga Sangria promises to give all that, and more. Designed as a pedestrian mall, the retail spaces have luxury brand shops spilling on the street. Planned to offer ample visibility to all stores, footfallsare a given. Whether it’s designer stores, bookshops, cafes, or restaurants, The Boulevard @ Marvel Sangria puts out an impressive spread of exclusive internationally-renowned names for your consumers to feast on.

Sangria_Retail Elevation

The Boulevard @ Marvel Sangria is located at NIBM Road, one of Pune’s well-developed and fastest growing eastern suburbs.

Dotted with homes, offices and restaurants, it is already a mini boom-town with its own personality and loyal visitors.

  • Airport: 15 kms
  • Railway Station: 8 kms
  • Pune Camp and MG Road: 4 kms
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A little extra shopping extravaganza
Sangria Regail Sub Hero

The Boulevard @ Marvel Ganga Sangria is a shopping extravaganza unlike any of your customers have seen before. It is rapidly on its way to becoming the place to stop by for generous retail therapy.

Designed as a 1 km long retail frontage, the shopping area covers Marvel Sangria, Marvel Verano and Marvel Isola. Already popular with major retailers, it is an opportunity-in-the-waiting for retailers looking to tap a budding market and audience.

State-of-the-art automation

Comfort, convenience and security. With Marvel’s state-of-the-art automation, you are in charge of every gadget, every corner of your space. The convenience of the control for ACs, LED lighting with LUX sensors and automatic irrigation of plants in the landscape garden save both energy and water

Access control in the lift lobby and 24-hour video security make a Marvel offering safe for your business. Want some more? Just ask us for more automation wonders.

Living responsibly

Being a part of the Marvel family means you are automatically living a clean, pure and natural lifestyle. Various good practices and our core values will enable you to limit your carbon footprint, while continuing to work in style.

Through several green initiatives that are incorporated during construction, as well as specifications within the home that are committed to the planet, at Marvel, we make an environmentally sustainable lifestyle a reality.


At Marvel, the experience isn’t complete without the complementary amenities that make working truly pleasurable. Besides the state-of-the-art spaces, The Boulevard @ Marvel Sangria offers:

Parking Facility

Basement and ground level parking

Provision for drop-offs at all lobbies

Separate loading bays located at the back of the retail space

Leisure Amenities

Rooftop restaurants

Landscaped terrace garden

State-of-the-art gymnasium

Retail Spaces

1 km of retail frontage

4 blocks of retail space launched

Retail spaces of 1200 sq. ft. – 1460 sq. ft.

Unique Features

VRV Air-conditioning Systems

100% generator back-up for all utilities

24×7, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connectivity

Inviting Landscape

Covered walkways

Lush landscaped areas

Landscape integrated with the road

Water bodies, raised island, stepped areas and drop-offs

And More...

There are many more amenities which makes a Marvel Edge unique. Visit the site to check the sample flat OR view the images in THE GALLERY


Typical floor plan of a Ground Floor   – 1199 sq. ft. to 1415 sq. ft. Download

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SHP-Unit No. (Sq.Ft.)
SHP 101 (1336)SHP 102 (1318)
SHP 103 (1318)SHP 104 (1318)
SHP 105 (1318)SHP 106 (1381)
SHP 107 (1199)SHP 108 (1415)
SHP 109 (1397)SHP 110 (1322)
SHP 111 (1302)SHP 112 (1318)
SHP 113 (1318)SHP 114 (1318)
SHP 115 (1318)SHP 116 (1336)

Typical floor plan of a 1st Floor   – 1192 sq. ft. to 1430 sq. ft. Download

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SHP-Unit No. (Sq.Ft.)
SHP 117 (1336)SHP 118 (1318)
SHP 119 (1318)SHP 120 (1318)
SHP 121 (1318)SHP 122 (1248)
SHP 123 (1430)SHP 124 (1426)
SHP 125 (1411)SHP 126 (1192)
SHP 127 (1372)SHP 128 (1318)
SHP 129 (1318)SHP 130 (1318)

Typical floor plan of a 2nd Floor   – 869 sq. ft. to 1150 sq. ft. Download

2D Layout Availability

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P-Unit No. (Sq.Ft.)
P 201 (1150)P 202 (875)
P 203 (880)P 204 (870)
P 205 (925)P 206 (985)
P 207 (870)P 208 (1000)
P 209 (940)P 210 (910)
P 211 (880)P 212 (925)
P 213 (930)P 214 (990)
P 215 (870)P 216 (1070)
P 217 (940)P 218 (900)
P 219 (930)P 220 (900)
P 221 (995)P 222 (937)
P 223 (870)P 224 (998)
P 225 (941)P 226 (899)
P 227 (869)P 228 (926)
P 229 (870)P 230 (988)
P 231 (928)P 232 (1002)

Typical floor plan of a 3rd Floor   – 746 sq. ft. to 3635 sq. ft. Download

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P-Unit No. (Sq.Ft.)
P 301 (3635)P 302 (2185)
P 303 (1655)P 304 (2440)
P 305 (1375)P 306 (1130)
P 307 (1560)P 308 (1725)
P 309 (1605)P 310 (865)
P 311 (746)P 312 (1632)
P 313 (1641)P 314 (786)
P 315 (966)P 316 (900)
P 317 (846)P 318 (1628)


Actual Development

Last Updated on November 2015

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