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Marvel Sentinel, Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar
Marvel Sentinel, Magarpatta Road

Marvel Sentinel, located at Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar, is a 70 metre high, future-ready beacon that will steer businesses into the 21st century by its sheer elegance, ergonomics and progressive design. This silent witness of tomorrow's commerce and industry is a forerunner today.
Marvel Sentinel is more than an office building - it represents a total environment catering to tomorrow's business movers and shakers. Work is no longer tethered to your desk - work happens on the move, using mobile telecommunications and alternative work, meeting and networking environments.
With a path-breaking design, compellingly packaged with practicality and adaptability, Marvel Sentinel represents a synthesis of form, environment and function.
The very premise of Marvel Sentinel is to exceed today's expectations and provide for tomorrow's needs. It will be a landmark structure that defines the Pune skyline. Its iconic design will epitomise the quality and professionalism of its occupants; redefining sophisticated urban work environments, providing exciting spaces in the community areas, as well as within the office space itself.

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Path-breaking design has been compellingly packaged with practicality and adaptability. Marvel Sentinel represents a synthesis of form, environment and function.

At over 70 metres tall, this will be one of Pune’s tallest structures.

  • Large column-less span structure
  • Simple rectangular floor-plates make planning convenient and efficient
  • High floor-to-floor heights and flat slab construction result in high clear floor-to-ceiling heights
  • A series of vertical elements breaks down the massing to accentuate the vertical elegance of the design Cladding and internal building systems have been inimizin around a standard 600mm by 600mm grid
  • The building has numerous recreational and break-out spaces
  • A backlit building crown extends above the terrace by 4 storeys
  • Centrally located plant areas for air-conditioning equipment inimizin impact on key building elevations and allows for easy access
  • Centrally located core, allowing direct and clear access from lift lobbies to office spaces
  • Central toilets located at both ends of the core can be either used as community facilities or split into dedicated toilets for each of the 2 office wings
  • Additional 'soft spots' on each floor allows for on-floor toilet facilities, unique to each office tenancy


Office sizing will provide occupants with the widest range of tenancy sizing. Offices can be broken down into compact units of as little as 1/4 of a floor plate wing, or can occupy the entire floor on both wings.

Intelligent office planning systems are integrated into the basic structure of the building, allowing tenants to design their own office environments, while still adhering to a common design concept.

Duplex offices have the advantage of a stunning double-height reception area.

A sheltered outdoor terrace space will be attached to most offices.


Office sizing will provide occupants with the widest range of tenancy sizing. Offices can be broken down into compact units of as little as 1/4 of a floor plate wing, or can occupy the entire floor on both wings.

The comparatively narrow depth of offices ensures high levels of natural lighting throughout – inimizing the need for excessive artificial lighting.

Individually operable sun screens protect terraces and office glazing, allow for modulation of natural light, and protection from rain and wind.

Facades have been studied in terms of solar exposure. North-east and south-west facades have a double layer of louvers outside the double glazed windows. This works as double protection from excessive heat and helps retain better acoustics.

Individually operable sun-shading screens give tenants the opportunity to control natural daylight into interiors.


  • High performance curtain wall systems; insulated double-glazing keeps occupants cool without cutting out natural lighting. It also creates better acoustics.
  • Sophisticated louver systems are linked to the offices, giving occupants control over their own environments
  • The building facade has been detailed with integrated ledges for the installation of additional air-conditioning condensers. This caters to the need for exceptional cooling requirements for individual tenancies
  • High speed lifts ensure minimal waiting times of 45 seconds
  • VRV Air-conditioning Systems provide better cooling and reduce operating costs for customers
  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi connectivity for 24x7 access from every corner
  • 100% generator back-up for all utilities


Thanks to working systems, international partners and time zones, we spend more and more time within the office space. Creating additional spaces for leisure and recreation has become a necessity. In addition to the state-of-the-art offices Marvel Sentinel offers.

  • Double-height entrance lobby with an attached cafe and mezzanine
  • Two double-height sky terraces for communal access and use
  • A rooftop bar and terrace with spectacular views of the city
  • A swimming pool, spa and wellness centre
  • The "Eagle's Nest" high-end dining facility
  • A wide array of complimentary support facilities
  • Spaces for relaxation and networking
  • Lobby cafe
  • World class gym
Marvel Sentinel is located in the eastern part of Pune, at Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar. Home to 2 SEZ's, 2 residential townships & Fursungi IT Park, and in close proximity to Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar, it is the address of some of our most luxurious projects.

  • 20 minutes from the Airport
  • 30 minutes from the Railway Station
  • In the vicinity of software parks and BPO offices
  • Close to major hospitals
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