The Kyra Story

At Magarpatta Road, this life of luxury welcomes you into a space that belongs to you and you alone. Every state-of-the-art apartment meets the highest standards of grandness. As do the amenities, some meant exclusively for your consumption. Homes at Marvel Kyra are meant to be savoured, so incredible is the experience. Pamper yourself; luxuriate in the conveniences of modern living; escape into your very own world of sophistication. Only at Marvel Kyra.


Magarpatta Road is one of Pune’s most desired locations today. And as a resident of Marvel Kyra, you can become part of this select crowd of individuals who choose to make a home there.

Spoil yourself without having to go the distance with some of the finest restaurants, malls and multiplexes and major hospitals, schools and IT parks.

Airport: 9kms | Railway station: 11kms | Koregaon Park: 8 kms | Close to major hospitals and schools | In the vicinity of software parks, IT parks, and BPO offices | Close to Amanora Town Centre and Seasons Mall

Site Address: Magarpatta Road, Pune, MH, IN

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Confidentially Luxurious

Marvel Kyra melds the beauty of absolute privacy with that of sophisticated exclusivity. Stroll through the project for a glimpse of these amenities that include a private plunge pool on your terrace, private elevators, private decks and fine dining restaurants. The unique building façade incorporates sky boxes that house the spa, a gymnasium, a restaurant overlooking the wide Magarpatta skyline.

Everything at Marvel Kyra has been designed to offer you luxury, to be enjoyed in complete privacy.

State-of-the-art home automation

Comfort, convenience and security. With Marvel’s state-of-the-art home automation, you are in charge of every gadget, every corner of your home.

Automated Apartment Management Systems, with touch screens and remote controls, let you watch over your entire house from centrally located LCD touch panels or even via the internet from anywhere in the world. Access control in the lift lobby and 24-hour video security make living in a Marvel home safe for your loved ones.

Living responsibly

Living in a Marvel home means you are automatically living a clean, pure and natural lifestyle. Various good practices and our core values will enable you to limit your carbon footprint, while continuing to live in lavish comfort.

Through several green initiatives that are incorporated during construction, as well as specifications within the home that are committed to the planet, at Marvel, we make an environmentally sustainable lifestyle a reality.


A home is more than just the house that we offer. At Marvel, the experience isn’t complete without the complementary amenities that make living truly pleasurable in a Marvel home.


Plunge Pool on Private Deck

Private Gymnasium

Sky Boxes with Private Restaurant

Concierge Service

Private Lobby with Elevator Access


Every aspect of Marvel Kyra has been thought-through with great detail and meticulous planning. Some seen, some unseen, but the touch of a Marvel home has to be experienced to be seen.

Living Rooms

Imported marble flooring

VRV Central air Conditioning

Wooden doors and door frames

POP/gypsum finish for walls and ceilings


Designer dado

Solar heater connection

Distinct wet and dry areas

Designer fittings and sanitary ware

Ceramic wash basin with marble counters

Jacuzzi and steam room in the master bathroom

Bed Rooms

Wooden doors and door frames

Imported marble flooring in all bedrooms

Unique Features

Landscaped terrace

VRV Air-conditioning

100% generator back-up

Private plunge pool on terrace in few apartments


Dry balcony

White goods – dishwasher, over and microwave

Designer modular kitchen with hob and chimney

And More...

There are many other amenities which makes a Marvel home unique. Visit the site to check the sample flat OR view the walkthrough in THE GALLERY


Site Plan of Kyra Download

Typical floor plan of a 4.5 BHK  – 4,665 sq. ft. to 6,065 sq. ft. Download

2D Layout Availability

Available Sold Hold
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A-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
A 1901 (4,665)A 101 (4,665)
A 201 (4,665)A 202 (4,665)
A 301 (4,665)A 302 (4,665)
A 401 (4,665)A 402 (4,665)
A 501 (4,665)A 502 (4,665)
A 601 (4,665)A 602 (4,665)
A 701 (4,665)A 702 (4,665)
A 801 (4,665)A 802 (4,665)
A 901 (4,665)A 902 (4,665)
A 1001 (4,665)A 1002 (4,665)
A 1101 (4,665)A 1102 (4,665)
A 1201 (4,665)A 1301 (4,665)
A 1401 (4,665)A 1402 (4,665)
A 1501 (4,665)A 1502 (4,665)
A 1601 (4,665)A 1602 (4,665)
A 1701 (4,665)A 1702 (4,665)
A 1801 (4,665)A 1802 (4,665)
C-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
C 1201 (4,665)C 1901 (4,665)
C 101 (4,665)C 201 (4,665)
C 202 (4,665)C 301 (4,665)
C 302 (4,665)C 401 (4,665)
C 402 (4,665)C 501 (4,665)
C 502 (4,665)C 601 (4,665)
C 602 (4,665)C 701 (4,665)
C 702 (4,665)C 801 (4,665)
C 802 (4,665)C 901 (4,665)
C 902 (4,665)C 1001 (4,665)
C 1002 (4,665)C 1101 (4,665)
C 1102 (4,665)C 1301 (4,665)
C 1401 (4,665)C 1402 (4,665)
C 1501 (4,665)C 1502 (4,665)
C 1602 (4,665)C 1702 (4,665)
C 1801 (4,665)C 1802 (4,665)
B-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
B 201 (6,065)B 301 (6,065)
B 401 (6,065)B 501 (6,065)
B 601 (6,065)B 701 (6,065)
B 801 (6,065)B 901 (6,065)
B 1001 (6,065)B 1101 (6,065)
B 1401 (6,065)B 1501 (6,065)
B 1801 (6,065)B 1901 (6,065)

Typical floor plan of a 4.5 BHK  – 6,470 sq. ft. to 7,800 sq. ft. Download

2D Layout Availability

Available Sold Hold
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C-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
C 1601 (6,470)C 1202 (6,470)
A-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
A 1202 (6,470)
B-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
B 1201 (7,800)

Typical floor plan of a 5.5 BHK  – 8,030 sq. ft Download

2D Layout Availability

Available Sold Hold
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B-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
B 1601 (8,030)

Typical floor plan of a 4.5 BHK  – 6,365 sq. ft. to 8,173 sq. ft. Download

2D Layout Availability

Available Sold Hold
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A-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
A 1902 (6,365)A 2001 (6,365)
B-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
B 2001 (8,173)
C-Flat No. (Sq.Ft.)
C 1902 (6,365)C 2001 (6,365)

Kyra – Project Walkthrough


Actual Development

Last Updated on November 2015

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