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Urban Palaces
Marvel Arco Campaign

July 2014 to Dec 2014 (Marvel Basilo, Marvel Izara, Marvel Kyra)

Marvel Basilo Campaign

Marvel Izara Campaign

Marvel Kyra Campaign

Jan 2014 to June 2014 (Marvel Bounty 2, Re-Branding Campaign)

April 2010 to Sept 2012 (Corporate Campaign, Marvel Edge, Marvel Selva Ridge)

19th February 2016

The real estate industry, which has been grappling with inventory..

2nd  December 2015

Pune City-based Marvel Realtors brought a three-acre parcel..

2nd  December 2015

Developer partners Piramal fund for the luxury residential project.

2nd  December 2015

In the most expensive land transaction in Pune, realty developer Marvel Realtors has acquired..

13th August 2015

Urban Palaces consists of six projects, which are located in the posh..

5th August 2015

Marvel Realtors, Initiators of many first in the luxury residences business in Pune.

2nd May, 2015

Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Pune have a mature market

1st May, 2015

Pune’s real estate market has been pretty resilient

18th April, 2015

Presence of well designed green spaces is a life enriching experience

12th March, 2015

The new project strategically located near Pune airport, promises superior quality construction

5th March, 2015

Vishwajeet Jhavar, founder & CEO, Marvel Realtors, on how the company wants to improve accountability for buyers

1st March, 2015

In a shift of constantly rising vertical horizons, comes Marvel Piazza

27th February, 2015

Reforms, Tax Rationalization are top in the wish list

21st February, 2015

The city has an immense potential ready to be unlocked in the commercial realty space

14th February, 2015

Recent analysis of the Pune real estate market shows that the developers ar playing cautiously

24th January, 2015

Automation in homes is sought after by investors in today’s rech savvy world

22nd January, 2015

Marvel Realtors in staging a hindi play directed by Atul Kuman

21st January, 2015

Exclusivity, Design and Futuristic lifestyle amenities

10th January, 2015

Unlike many other cities, Pune did not witness much impact on the electoral activity

8th January, 2015

Marvel Kyra in Pune is luxury living redefined

1st November, 2014

Marvel Realtors has introduce premium lifestyle apartment at Marvel Kyra

22nd December, 2014

Marvel Realtors celebrates with its stakeholders

25th September, 2014

Marvel Kyra – On offer 4.5 & 5 BHK luxury

15th August, 2014

Marvel Kyra channel partners meet

31st July, 2014

Marvel launches luxury residential condiminiums at Koregaon Park

21st July, 2014

In conversation with Mr. Vishwajeet Jhavar, MD & CEO, Marvel Realtors

18th July, 2014

Lap of Luxury ate Marvel Izara, NIBM Road

21st June, 2014

Marvel to go for IPO at ‘opportune time’

12th June, 2014

Marvel Realtors to raise Rs 500 cr from PE players

11th June, 2014

Marvel to foray into compact luxury home space

11th June, 2014

Marvel Realtors to raise Rs 500 cr from PE players

5th June, 2014

Marvel Realtors has launched a luxury residential project at Magarpatta

30th May, 2014

Marvel Edge won the best energy conservation in the state by MEDA

25th January, 2014

Why Koregaon Park will remain the most upmost residential and retail destination in the city

21st January, 2014

Marvel awarded at CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards

10th December, 2013

Marvel Aurum located at Pune’s crowning glory, Koregaon Park offers ultimate luxury

23rd November, 2013

70% of our space is dedicated to landscaping

19th October, 2013

Pune has always offered quality construction with all modern amenities

8th October, 2013

Marvel Zephyr and Marvel Aurum have received the Eco Housing Certification

28th September, 2013

Investing systems and processes helps businesses to stay competitive

20th August, 2013

Going tall is fashion. But how far can one go

8th August, 2013

In Pune there are very few developers who deal with luxury housing

25th July, 2013

Developers are busy enticing customers with European themes

6th July, 2013

Pune has evolved steadily in the luxury housing segment and has redifined the meaning of luxury